The Climate & Your Skin

Did you ever think that the climate in which you live will have a big impact on the type of skin care you require?  Well it does! Many of us will choose where we will based on family, education, employment, love, etc...and we consider how this decision will impact many aspects of our lives, but we do not often think about adjusting our skin care to our environment.  Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can aggravate existing skin conditions or can even cause new ones.  We determine which products to use based on the skin type we have, but it is important to remember that the climate in which we live has a huge influence on how our skin looks and feels.

People who live in areas with a very cold climate, which generally have low humidity too, will often suffer from dry skin.  In such cases, months of cold, windy weather, combined with indoor heating systems will dry the skin out.  There are tricks to reduce the impact of the climate on your skin, such as avoiding long, hot showers (yeah showers are the cure to bone penetrating blasts of arctic weather!), using mild soaps, and moisturizing routinely and regularly. 

If you live in such a climate, you might consider using a cleanser that has a creamier texture, such as a gel or a foaming cleanser.  A light emollient based cleanser helps remove makeup and dirt without removing the essential fats and oils necessary to your skin’s hydration and health.  You might also need a moisturizer that provides your skin with an added barrier against the cold during the dry months.  This depends on the particular needs of your skin, but products that help seal in water are usually recommended for to combat dry skin during the cold winter months.  

For others who live in warm climates, and are generally exposed to higher degrees of heat and humidity, sweating is a natural part of your daily life.  In higher temperatures, the skin is prone to produce more oil, and if you have oily skin, you might be even more prone to breakouts in this climate.  Depending on your skin type, you  might want to use your winter cleanser, because it will be effective in removing the excess oils and buildup from the sweat, without stripping your skin of the necessary fats and oils it needs to be healthy.  In this climate, your might want to consider a lighter moisturizer, one that doesn’t sit as heavily on your face, and that would help towards controlling the oil secretions from your skin.  

Remember that everyone is unique, so too should be your skin care.  Changes in seasons does not necessarily mean you need to revamp your entire routine, because everyone is different.  Your activities may differ, your work may differ.   For some it may not require a change, while others may need to change some or all of the products they use.  Listen to your skin, and give it the nourishment it tells you it needs.