Quick Formula Guide

Here is a quick guide for the Customized Skincare form:


  1. Serum Gel: (oil< 10%)  oily skin
  2. Gel Cream: (oil 10-15%) mixed skin
  3. Light Cream: (oil 15-25%) normal skin and mixed skin
  4. Rich Cream: (oil < 25%) normal to dry skin
Emollient Blends: 
  1. EB I: (Oily Skin), Light Esthers
  2. EB II: (Mixed Skin), Esthers and hydrocarbon oils
  3. EB III: (Normal Skin), Esthers, hydrocarbons, natural oils, silicones
  4. EB IV: (Dry Skin), Esthers, hydrocarbons, natural oils, fatty alcohols, silicones
  5. EB V: (Sensitive Skin), special Esther mixture
Sensory Profile:
  1. Powdery Feel
  2. Velvety Feel
  3. Fresh Feel
  4. Oily Feel
SensoDelivery (Formula Modifier Blends):
  1. FMB I: sebum  absorbent, fresh skin feel, silky after feel, SG/GC
  2. FMB II: sebum absorption, matte appearance, silky after feel, LC/HC
  3. FMB III: hydrate & moisturize, wrinkle correction, soft focus effect, light diffusion, SG/GC/LC/HC
  4. FMB IV:  barrier repair, soft and creamy, rich emollient feel, light powdery after feel, delivery vehicle, LC/HC