For so long, marketing campaigns have told us that we can have healthy looking skin.  What about those who, not only want to look healthy, but also want to have healthy skin? 

At Elle’Ma, we have delved into the advancements made in epigenetic to better understand how our skin works and what we can do to improve it.  We know that everyone has a unique DNA, it is a unique sequence of codes that identify many of our individual attributes. 

But what if there was more to it? Epigenetic tells us that our DNA interacts with our cells, and in so doing, determines how our bodies react by turning certain genes on and off over time.  The climate in which we live, our environment, our jobs, friends, diets, habits and lifestyle can have an impact on the expression of our genes.  Even our parents’ habits prior to our conception can have an impact on the way our genes interact with our cells.  That is, the way our genes communicate with our cells to tell our bodies to react in a certain way to a stimuli, such as telling the skin to inflame or to develop spots when exposed to sun; or to tell our skin to develop wrinkles when we age.  All the changes we notice are our various genes turning on and off in response to prolonged periods of exposure to certain stimuli. 

Since the expression of our genes can be affected by external stimuli, it is also possible to reverse those effects.  By using the right product, you can teach your skin to react in a healthier manner and teach it to become stronger by working with the product applied so that it can repair itself, and prevent it from reacting in the same way with prolonged use of healthy products.