Customized Formula Form

Choose the viscosity best suited to your skin.
  1. Serum Gel: (oil< 10%)  oily skin
  2. Gel Cream: (oil 10-15%) mixed skin
  3. Light Cream: (oil 15-25%) normal skin and mixed skin
  4. Rich Cream: (oil < 25%) normal to dry skin


Emollient Blends: 
Our exclusive blends will help moisturize and soften your skin.

  1. EBOS: Oily Skin, Light Esthers
  2. EBMS: Mixed Skin, Esthers and hydrocarbon oils
  3. EBNS: Normal Skin, Esthers, hydrocarbons, natural oils, silicones
  4. EBDS: Dry Skin, Esthers, hydrocarbons, natural oils, fatty alcohols, silicones
  5. EBSS: Sensitive Skin, special Esther mixture


Sensory Profile:
Choose the way your skincare product will leave your skin feeling. Enjoy the way your skincare routine makes you feel.

  1. Powdery Feel
  2. Velvety Feel
  3. Fresh Feel
  4. Oily Feel


SensoDelivery (Formula Modifier Blends):
Choose the structure your skin needs to become stronger and healthier.

    1. FMB I: sebum  absorbent, fresh skin feel, silky after feel, SG/GC
    2. FMB II: sebum absorption, matte appearance, silky after feel, LC/HC
    3. FMB III: hydrate & moisturize, wrinkle correction, soft focus effect, light diffusion, SG/GC/LC/HC
    4. FMB IV:  barrier repair, soft and creamy, rich emollient feel, light powdery after feel, delivery vehicle, LC/HC