Customized or Personalized Skincare



Customized vs. Personalized 

Skincare is not one-size fits all, because people are not one-size fits all.  We all have different lifestyles, jobs, demands, habits, and live or travel in a multitude of different climates.  In order to be most effective in addressing the root of skin concerns, it is important that the products we use are tailor-made to our individual skin.  

By way of bespoke skincare products, we offer two options.  You can customize your product, or your can personalize your product. 

If you have an idea of the skincare product that you need, or if you have consulted with a specialist who has suggest a course of action for your skin, you might be interested in customizing your product.  With this option, you customize the product to fit your needs by designing the essential structure and sensory profile of your formula.  

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If you know the skin concern you want addressed and want the various elements of your lifestyle and your individuality taken into consideration, the personalized option might be better suited to you.  With a personalized formula, we are able to design the structure of the product to address the epigenetic impact of your lifestyle on your skin while respecting the sensory profile of your choice. 

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