Your are your own person

Your age is just a number, your gender is just a label. Nurture your individuality by taking care of your skin. Choose skincare that is tailor made to fit your skin.  Our Customized and Personalized options allow you to develop skincare products as unique as you and made uniquely for you. 

Proudly Made in Canada

We are located in Toronto, Canada. We proudly create, formulate and manufacture everything locally.  We take great care and pride in the selection of our raw materials and active ingredients to bring you high quality and effective skincare products. 

Advanced SensoDelivery Technology

It is in our Formula Modifier Blends that our sensory profile and our delivery technology come together to form this powerful advanced technology to ensure that your skin has the tools to heal.  This technology and our understanding of scientific advancements allows our formulas to target the root of your skincare concerns.  You can customize and personalize the sensory profile and the structure of the product you wish to use. 

Sensory Profile

Your best chance at successfully following a skincare routine (whether it involves applying one or multiple products) is to enjoy the way it feels on your skin, so that you continue nurturing your skin. To help you in your commitment to healthier skin, we offer you the option of choosing your product’s sensory profile. This will determine how the product feels on your face after application.

Smart Delivery

The method of delivery in a skincare product is important to its overall efficiency because it is the vehicle that determines how the ingredients interact with each other and how effectively they are absorbed into your skin.  Even if a product is filled with the best ingredients available, it will not improve your skin if it cannot be absorbed.   Our unique Smart Delivery system mimics the natural properties of the skin to increase the absorption of actives into epidermis.